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About Us

A Local Furniture Store: a Community Service to Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We know you’ve heard it all before, but we’re a family-owned business that cares. If you’re new to the area of Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Hello, we’re your friends, and we’ve been here for over 20 years. Our roots go back to an earlier age, long before anyone thought of charging $12 for “Avocado Toast” and paying for it with their smartphone. As your neighbors, we know when times get tough, and we adjust our pricing accordingly—always keeping our selection diverse, accessible and affordable to you.

An Experience You Can Retweet, and One We’ll Follow

You have the Internet, and a 1001 different applications blinking all at once. We know you can check prices, and we can guarantee, we’re competitive. We view our business as a service to be appreciated by anyone in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and outside of it; as a company that is here to offer you a cup of coffee and talk about everything over quality furniture. It’s an experience you'll want to tweet about.

We’re a Part of Our Community, We’re Here to Help You

In all seriousness, we offer outstanding customer service, affordable furnishings, and an opportunity to be part of a community. When you visit our store, you'll find some of the coolest living room, bedroom and dining room sets, at prices that even Amazon can't beat. Any furniture you purchase from us, we want to hear about it! We want to know where it went in your home, which ones your in-laws grab when they visit; and any experiences you’ve had inside a home or apartment that reflects you and your lifestyle. 

We Want Your Home or Apartment to Reflect Your Style

All the brands that we carry, we know inside and out. Ask us a question and we’ll tell you a story about the room you could be living in tomorrow. Whether you have your eye on a brand-new dining room table, or a cushy leather sofa, we'll help you choose the style and color that's right for you. 

We’re in the business to bring you quality home decor, at an incredible price, and to deliver that every day. But our customers don’t come back to us just because of discounts. A friendly face that knows what you like is a hundred times more personal than an algorithm.

Swing by and have a cup with us, as we walk you through our showroom, brands and catalogs.